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Care: The Root of Rock Dental Brands

Is it yours? Our doctor-founded group is looking for professionals dedicated to the highest standards of care and interested in creating positive change beyond his or her private practice.

Providing Quality Patient Care is Our Top Priority

Opportunities for Private Practice Owners

At Rock Dental Brands, we’re dedicated to setting the highest standard of care throughout the lifetime of our patients. That’s why we take a patient-focused approach that emphasizes family values, collaboration and transparency. Our program includes peer review, continuing education and more.

Management Services Committed to Excellence

At Rock Dental Brands, you can count on unmatched business excellence. We handle accounting, billing and collection, human resources, phone calls, building and construction, IT support and more. You can trust us to take care of business while you take care of your patients.

We trust our doctors to determine the proper treatment necessary for each and every one of their patients. We don’t influence treatment plans or require daily production numbers. We know you have it handled.

Professional Freedom

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Rock Dental Brands can help you focus on patient care while making your own choices and earning more money. We offer support, stability and a collaborative work environment so our doctors can do what they do best - help patients smile.

Gain Community While Maintaining Independence

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Instead of bills and HR, focus on your patients - we’ll take care of the rest.

Put Your Patients First


We recognize that our doctors are experts, and we let them decide the best treatment for their patients.

We have a family of doctors at your disposal to help consult on difficult cases and provide support so you don’t have to practice completely alone.

Collaboration Instead Of Isolation

Through practice efficiencies, our doctors typically double their practice size.

Maximize Your Earnings

Dr. Mark Dake

Co-founder of Rock Dental Brands

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We all help each other to provide what is best for the patient. Rock Dental allows the doctor the best of both worlds. We are free to pursue our passion of delivering the best quality patient care and service in a state of the art practice. We also have the ability to consult with a network of specialists and other providers that have the same passion that we do, high quality patient centered care. We all help each other to provide what is best for the patient.

Dr. David Sander

Westrock Orthodontics

I find that most every provider focuses on quality of care. However, if you were to ask them how they ensure their care is of the highest quality, most wouldn’t know how to respond. They have required continuing education, passion, integrity, but how do they know they provide the highest standard of care? Peer review identifies problems, highlights internal areas of improvement, promotes new ideas as well as promotes personal improvement through the collaboration with other providers who have varying experience and training.

Paul McNiel

Chief Compliance Officer

How can I say as an individual provider, when I get out of school and open my practice, that I am providing better care than a group of doctors who have support with difficult cases and other specialists available for consultations? I don’t think anyone would disagree if I have a heart issue I want to go somewhere where there are multiple specialists that will take good care of me. I got into this because I feel that our organization can provide great quality and do it cost effectively. We are serious about quality. If we weren’t I wouldn’t be a part of it.

Dr. Mark Dake

Chief Dental Officer & Co-founder

I love to see patients—that’s why I became an orthodontist. What I don’t love is bills, past due accounts, managing employee 401k’s, bonuses, marketing, and of course countless other issues that unexpectedly arise each day. Rock Dental Brands has taken many things off my hands leaving me free to concentrate on what I love: treating patients. The partnership between Rock Dental and our team “on the ground” has been wonderful. Rock Dental is an extension of our team that benefits our practice and our patients in ways that I was unable to provide myself.

Dr. AnnaKate Tatum

Westrock Orthodontics

Our Family of Brands

The Rock Dental Brands family includes all dental specialties with nearly 50 providers in more than 80 locations.

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